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At Insights Calgary, we work in partnership with some of the most successful companies in the world, as well as some of the best employers in Canada.

Consultation and analysis

Working with you, we dig deep within your organisation to find out what you really need, what your company values are and what you want to achieve. With this deep insight we can work together to develop a tailored solution that works within all areas of your business.

Developing people and partnerships

At the heart of our own values is the importance of people. We strive to provide your team with a program of learning that’s unique and enjoyable, recognises their needs and exceeds their expectations. We build positive, respectful relationships with you and your people to help them reach their potential.

A passion for learning

Known as the Insights’ magic, we inspire, excite and engage your people with the enthusiasm and passion we have for learning and development. Our programs work in a way that drives your people towards positive change and, crucially, gets their buy-in to your company ethos and values.

Getting results

Our accessible programs are designed for long-term, measurable results and inspiring positive change within your business. You’ll see a transformation in your people – improved performance, exceeded objectives and a new sense of vigour and purpose. Lasting, positive results – that’s what Insights is all about. 



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Insights Learning & Development (Calgary) Inc.

3415 3rd Ave NW

Calgary AB T2N 0M4

Telephone: +1 (403) 233-7263

Email: info@insightscalgary.com


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